Ellen Flare Dark Wash

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Ellen Flare

  • 10" high rise
  • 32" inseam
  • 20" leg opening flare
  • Dark stone wash with hand sand and whisker details
  • Fabric content: 98% cotton, 2% spandex.
  • Made in the USA

Classic 5 pocket flare made with a soft, stretch fabric that will move with you. Specifically cut for the athletic build with more room in the quads and glutes while hugging your waist.

Model is 5'4" tall weighs 140 lbs and she is wearing a size 27. Her belly button is 30" and hip is 39"

NOTE: You want them to fit nice and snug at first but not uncomfortably tight. They will loosen up a bit as you wear them.


SIZE: 24





  • When measuring, do not pull the measuring tape too tight. Allow it to rest flat on the body without any pulling or sagging. 
  • If your measurements don't fall within the specs, use the height and weight chart. It means the contour of your body is different than our base line but it should fit where the jeans actually rest. Feel free to email us if in doubt. 
  • You want them to fit snug at first. As with all jeans, they loosen up after wearing them for a while so you want it to be snug when you first put them on.
  • If you're in between sizes, go with the smaller size.
  • If in doubt, go with the size you normally wear without compensating for your quads.
  • Make sure to read the product descriptions. There are a few styles that are running big or small and you have to adjust accordingly. 
  • Please remember that this is internet shopping and there are too many body types for the sizing charts to work 100% of the time. It may take an exchange to get it right. We provide free shipping for the first exchange.
  • If you need additional help, email us here (contact page) with your measurements around your belly button and widest part of your hips, height and weight. We are more than glad to help.

JACKETS - we suggest going with your shirt size. 


  • Order the normal waist size you would wear without compensating for your thighs and glutes. For example, if you would normally wear a 32 but have to buy a 33 just to fit your quads, order a 32. These jeans come with more room in the quads and rear so you don't have to size up.

Customer Reviews

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M.F. (Madison, US)
Not a lifter, just super freaking curvy

I'm 44, 5' 8" weigh 165lbs, my only exercise is dog walking but I have a 30" waist and 42" hips. Every pair of jeans I've owned has a huge freaking waist gap. . . . these don't. I ordered the 29. they are a hair snug when I first wash them but they look fantastic. I may need to go up to 30 for long days at work or doing yard work but the 29s are great for shorter days at the office and going out.

Thank you Fran Denim for making these amazing Jeans.

I also love that they are thick and have a super high cotton content. I'm a bit sensitive to synthetic fibers. I freely admit I'm a fiber snob. I also expect a pair of Jeans to last and with the quality of construction and thickness of material I fully expect to get many years of wear out of these pants.

So relieved you haven't compromised on the fit, cut, or materials of construction.

Can't wait to slowly replace my old jeans as they continue to wear out.

Carrie (Fort Bragg, US)
Almost perfect

I'm 5'5" and 150-160 lbs, stopped wieghing myself so couldn't really tell you. My waist to hip ratio is like 10 inches. These fit my body really perfectly but they are a little too long. I mostly wear flats and sometimes clogs but never heels. I'm not much for hemming, so variable inseams would be the upgrade that sends these from "almost" to "absolutely" perfect.


Certainly fit better than any other jeans I've tried BUT I wish you could specify inseam as they are a smiiidge too long and I am not game for hemming.

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