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My first exposure to CrossFit was in 2012. I tried it on a whim when a friend told me about a crazy workout that he wanted to try. Before that I had been riding a couch for way too long and wanted to try something to get in shape. My first workout was Karen and it almost killed me.  I’ve never felt so depleted in my life, but in some sadistic way, I wanted more. Thus began my journey with CrossFit and I was hooked.

Fran Denim/FMD was created out of necessity. When people from my box found out that I was a denim manufacturer, they would plead with me to make jeans that fit their physique. I looked into it and found that no company was catering to this market. The fashion industry was ignoring this new breed of man and woman; the person that doesn’t care what the world sees as beautiful but knows that health and strength are more important. The proportions of these individuals put traditional fit specs on its ear so we began reconstructing a new jean. For the first 8 months we added, reduced, changed curves, and fine-tuned the fit. We experimented with new fabrics, details, and washes to create the perfect jean for the fit individual.  The result is Fran Denim and FMD.  We have almost 2 decades of experience in denim manufacturing and our expertise allowed us to create a jean that not only fits your muscular body, but alows you to move freely without restrictions.

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Fran Denim

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